My greatest desire is to offer my whole heart, soul, mind and strength to honor and worship God and to be mightily used to declare his glory through my paintings.

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Where: IL RAMO D’ORO , Via Omodeo, 124, 80128, Napoli, Italy.
When: 3-18/12/2011
Tel: 0815792526
e-mail: fyesbm@tin.it
Natsuo Ikegami, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Satoshi Matsuyama, Marco Sodaro


Crowd, art and prayers in the work of four artists living in Japan
Opening at the following link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftZG8btCDlg

Catalog on line at the link:http://issuu.com/ilramodoro/docs/japan-live

Opening on Saturday 3/12/2011 at 6 pm with ntroduction by Vincenzo Montella.
I twill be possible to visit the exhibition from 4 to 8 pm until the 18/12/2011.

On Friday 9/12/2011 at 6 pm we will watch the documentary:


Introduced by the art director : Fred Kuwornu.

Trailer al link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3r1z9427Ik

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Where: "Hotel Monterey Kyoto" 4floor/5floor
3 Jyo Minami Karasuma-dori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto, Kyoto-fu 604-8161 Japan.
When: May 20th,2011 to May 22th,2011 11:00〜19:00


Official Web Site:ART FAIR KYOTO 2011

"Asian overview 2010"
An international collective show to realize from 19th January 2010 until the 3rd February2010–at Il Ramo d’Oro Naples, Italy.

Via Omodeo, 124
Napoli, Campania 80128
Tel: +3390815792526
Asian overview 2010:
Patronized by Associna Indonesian Consulate in Naples, Italy

Asian overview 2010 is the third edition of the annual show that Il Ramo d'Oro dedicates to meet the artists from Far East.
Italian and foreign artists will compare their creativity in a meeting that represents the desire to build a common culture and to feel citizens of the world.
If there's anything that unites artists as diverse in origin, experiences, issues and ways of expression is in fact the knowledge that very different cultural roots can only converge today in a common destiny.

Opening on the 16th of January 2010 at 6 pm with introduction by Marco Wong
On Friday 29/1/2010 at 6 pm Maurizia Sacchetti, director of the Istituto Confucio of the University Orientale of Naples, Italy, will do a lecture titled "Waiting for the tiger.".
The exhibition is open every day except Thursday from 6 to 8 pm to 31/1/2010.

Artists participating:
China: Liu Yang, Liu Wei, Wang Tiewei, South Korea: Shin-Hye Park, Japan: Satoshi Matsuyama, Hiroshi Matsumoto, India: Yogendra Kumar Purohit, Indonesia: Antonius Kho, Setyo Mardiyantoro, Italy: Bruno Bruno, Guido Della Giovanna, Gianfranco Erbani, Krina Flowers, Laura Intrito, Teresa Mangiacapra, Clara Menerella, Vincenzo Montella, Armando Profumi, Marco Sodaro, Malaysia: Jinleng Yeoh, Timor Est: Casimiro Valentim.

For Someone I Love (2009)
Official Web Site:AbsoluteArts

"From reportage to surrealism, the best photographs of the outgoing year"
at the Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow through Dec. 2008 - Feb. 2009

Roppongi Hills West Walk 1F,
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Phone: +81-3-5772-7600
When: through June 1 to June 30, 2008.
4:00 pm to 4:00 am (3:30 am Last Order), Open through 365 days.

Satoshi's Solo Exhibition "Aloha Heaven"

- From the islands to islands, thanksgiving for Pickin' the Hawai'i from deep in my HEARTLAND. -

HEARTLAND Feel the sounds of the ancient power of LOVE, earth, wind, fire and our life from the great Hawaiian Islands we love.
We would like to share this feelings in this Silent sounds of the mother nature with LOVE through out the digital art works of Satoshi, brought you from Hawaii, This must be your HEARTLAND.

Hello again my dear HEARTLAND.
It has been a while since we've spent nice time in HEARTLAND in 2 last September.
Hope you still can remember me!
I remember you and would love to meet you again.
I've just come back now to my Sweet HEARTLAND.

I participate on the walls of HEARTLAND for hanging my recent works located at Kaua'i and O'ahu islands of Hawai'i.
Please enjoy and share the sounds of the air of Love breezing on the islands.

Thank you my father God and my family and my producer Ken Yoshida and you.

much of Love, peace and happiness,

Official Web Site:HEARTLAND

Where: "The Art Board"
1170 Nuuanu Ave. Suite: 104, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Phone: 808-536-0121
When: December 7th, 2007 to April 1st, 2008

"First Friday" Gallery Walk on Downtown, Honolulu

First Friday Every First Friday of the month an event takes place in downtown Honolulu (Chinatown area) from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Art galleries, restaurants and other merchants open their doors with late-night exhibits and free entertainment featuring Hawaii artists, art, culture, events and activities.

It is Ernest Abrams/MacBusiness Consulting and this Web Site's mission to make FirstFridayHawaii.com a great FREE resource for merchants, artist and the Hawaii community.

Official Web Site:firstfridayhawaii.com

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