My greatest desire is to offer my whole heart, soul, mind and strength
to honor and worship God and to be mightily used to declare his glory through my paintings.

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Days In The Magic Hour


I dedicate this piece to my friend Lizette, Leslie, Kyohko and all mature ages.

Leaving Waikiki on Highway 72, we start to clim Koko Head and come to the top, will see a breath taking view of the one of Koko crater, Hanauma Bay.
It's full of crystal clear water with tons of coral, right?

Magic Hour refers to the fleeting moment, just after Sunset, when Day and Night are perfectly balanced in the Heavenly spheres.
I frequently use Sun and Moon to evoke the beauty, power and dynamic harmony of a loving marriage. In other words: Magic.

I've just become 50th age on this May.
I'm living now in the twilight time of my life, it is Magic Hour.

It increases mentally before even if physically becoming weak, and our generation is powerful and passionate.

And, don't forget!
The existence of the Creator who is giving the power is eternal in the past in the future.