My greatest desire is to offer my whole heart, soul, mind and strength
to honor and worship God and to be mightily used to declare his glory through my paintings.

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NA PALI COAST SUN DOWN -Eroded by heavy rain-

size:126 x 90 (inch)

As the warm moisture-laden trade winds force air up the steep windward facing Mountains,
the air cools with elevation. Since cold air cannot retain as much moisture as warm air,
condensation occurs producing clouds, rain and in place like Mount Wai'ale'ale, large volumes of water.
The rain is prominent and volcanic island is carved into its face,
lush landscaped valleys, razorback ridgees, long,
sandy beaches-those things we cherish so much are the result of this destructive battle with the heavy rain.
Here is the one of the ridge top of Na Pali Coast in west of Kaua'i.
After the heavy rain, we can see so many little falls from the ridges.
Sun up and sun down, as we people, volcanic island have a life cycle.
Kaua'i is making it own as beautiful gardens in many colors, as times go by.
(Proverbs 16:31)