BaliHa'i / South Pacific

Ha'ena Beach

Makua Beach

Y-camp Beach

2006 -  124 x 99 (inch)

Called into His Marvelous Light at Bali Hai

Kaua’i    North Shore Sight

God compacted this blessed island into a 550-square-mile,

almost perfectly round island with scenic beauty, natural wonder and a sense of mystery.

Because of this, there reside 1,000 waterfalls streaming down purple mountainsides, while the people of this island, bronzed by the sun, have smiles that radiate like a wave hitting a Na Pali cliff that breaks into a cascade of sparkling diamonds;

All within a 40 minute driving radius.

It seems as though you were either in Africa, Australia, England, Tahiti, Vietnam, Arizona and you will find out Bali Hai, too.

Hollywood knew Kaua'i's secrets long before the Garden Isle became a distination for travellers from around the globe. Jurassic Park, South Pacific, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, King Kong, Blue Hawaii amongst others, and more and more from the filming of "White Heart" in 1933.

Here it's called Ha'ena (meaning "Red Hot") Beach with Mt. Makana (meaning "Gift") on north shore of Kaua'i island filmed in the Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammernstein's musical "South Pacific" back in 1958, Hollywood called here "Bali Hai" in this film.

It was the year of my birth, and I love many tunes from this musical, especially "Bali Hai".

"Bali Hai may call you, any night, any day, in your heart it will call you.....Come away, come away...."

Call me crazy, but for me, Kaua'i is the most favorite location in my entire career as an Acoustic Digital Artist.

The bible says "........., that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.(1 Peter 2:9 / 21st Century King James Version)

Yes, this should be my primary purpose ....

He is calling and inviting you and me strong into His marvelous light of Bali Hai, every day and night.

Solo Exhibition "BREATH OF HEAVEN" at Ikspiari, Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo, Japan on April to May 2007.

At The Prestige Studio, Sapporo, Japan.

At The Prestige Studio, Sapporo, Japan.