Makapu’u Beach Park

Sandy Beach

Rabbit Islands

Sea Life Park

2003 -  39 x 49 (inch)

Cast the Net on the Right Side of the Boat

O’ahu    East Shore Sight

This is a view from Sandy beach which was in deep calmness, and look at Rabbit Island.

And you can find a boat which is Hawaiian old traditional fishing boat.

I took this boat on the fish pond at east coast of Oahu Island.

There are so many fish ponds (let loose fishes for the day of a tempest)

at the mouth of each rivers in Hawaiian coasts.

There are my son Kantha(6) and daughter Irah(3) getting aboard the boat.

They went fishing, but during that night they court nothing.

Soon they heard a suggestions with the voices as a person having authority.

"Young children, you do not have anything to eat, do you?" and He said,

"Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find some"

Which will you decide to, listen to him or go on your own way?

If you have been grown your heart, as newborn infants from a longing for the unadulterated milk.

You'll be able to try it at once.

( John 21:1~14)

The collection of  “Shibaura Studio”, Tokyo, Japan.

The collection of  “Shibaura Studio”, Tokyo, Japan.