Koko Head

Kahauloa Cove

2004 -  57 x 38 (inch)

Hula on Kahauloa Cove Under the Sun   -Hula i kala Kahauloa-

O’ahu    Waikiki & Honolulu Sight

We can see the brilliant reef of Hanauma bay in the right side and find the Diamond head in the distance.

In the left side, we can see the Koko head. The sun is just over us so strong.

And breeze and water are being with us.

We are dancing and singing in high spirits with such a strong powers.

Can't you see that ? King David wrote in the Psalm, 119:130 and 131,

"The very disclosure of your words gives light, making the inexperienced ones understand.

My mouth I have opened wide, that I may pant, because for your commandments I have longed.

" Hawaiian "Hula" express and perform the blessing Your Name that as well

as King David felt and do that on impulse.

Halle lu Jah !!!

Ordered from the customer in Hawaii,    at the office of Prestige Publishing Co., Ltd. Sapporo, Japan, August 2005.