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Today, I was able to complete my new work "Jade Ponds" based on Mr. John A. Carollo's poetry.

I dedicate this work to my friend John A. Carollo who is the composer of modern music, living on the paradise island of Hawaii.


"Jade Ponds"

jade ponds filled with white lilies

reaching for the sky;

cool breezes whisper a melody

past tall timbers clipping the amber clouds

as they roll gently over the mountain side;

water trickles down serrated slopes

forming silver streams where falcons

gather to nest and feed their young;

the grassy knoll provided a great back support

where we witnessed beauty unfold slowly,

tumbling down, wrapped in arms embraced,

to view reflections off a whimsical Jade pond.


On July 5th, John had just completed to write the score of "Jade Ponds", the third part of his Piano Suite No. 6 and sent me a sound source of this composition, watching my original canvas.

Try to enjoy and play this beautiful nots on your piano: Music score of "Jade Ponds 2008"

A poetry "Jade Ponds" and a virtual sound source on "Logic Pro" by John A. Carollo are Used by Permission are Copyrighted 2001 and 2008, John A. Carollo.


The hero of this work is "A couple" that exists in John's poetry.

Because man's fresh thing to draw appearance was a difficult thing for me, it made it to the thing represented to a couple of butterflies called "Papilio Ulysses", and also known as the "blue mountain butterfly".

We see the rainbow from Honolulu of the Eva word that air is comparatively dry and clear well.

It is because the clouds is generated by the opponent

in the Ko'olau range of the peak of the Mt. Manoa and Mt. Palolo.

It is a position called an opposite slope where the mountain range

in Honolulu City was exceeded here, Waimanalo.

It blows the trade wind 80% a year, brings rich rain by climbing the steep slope

on the side of the wind word Waimanalo, makes the plants beautiful.

When the wind blows, generate clouds and come shower,

small streams and waterfalls appears in all valleys in the Ko'olau range.

The mountain level shines to gold when the morning sun rises in east.

Since there are a lot of huge farms of the landscape gardening industry

and the density of man is few, a lot of wild birds can be seen usually.

There are a lot of religions told by the native Hawaiians,

it seem to exist that this region may feel them

like a very big magnetic field enclosed in the sheer cliff.

We can see the banyan tree age of 103 years, on the left side of the image,

it is at the courtyard of the oldest hotel in Waikiki, Moana Hotel,

it is really the surprises growing so in 103 years.

On the right side of the banyan tree,

the deep water of Ko'olau mountains is flowing,

that would never dry up.

I call it "Life's water".

In the Bible, water means "Accurate knowledge"

concerning the Creator that doesn't

contain an impure teaching of the philosophy of man etc.

The water, in a word, accurate knowledge of God guarantees the health

and lives of the banyan, other vegetation, and any animals.

This is the same truth for mankind.

Why does such a paradise exist?

What is the purpose where we men were born?

Only the accurate knowledge which was sent by our God who had designed

this planet and us, and create them all, it can keep this planet with us healthy.

The world is in the same planet.

All things necessary to live in this planet are equipped,

and it had been made originally as a paradise.

We have already lived in the paradise.

Jade Pond

2007 -  173  x 97 (inches)

O’ahu       East Shore Sight

3 points for shooting

Original Jade Pond now, The reservoir at Kakaina Street, Waimanalo.

Solo exhibition at The Art Board Gallery, Downtown, Honolulu “First Friday”, Honolulu, HI, USA in 2007 to 2008.

The original music score of "Jade Ponds 2008" by John A. Carollo.

The virtual sound source on "Logic Pro" by John A. Carollo are Used by Permission are Copyrighted 2001 and 2008, John A. Carollo.