Makapu’u Beach Park

Sandy Beach

Rabbit Islands

Sea Life Park

2003 -  76 x 38 (inch)

Sea Life Park at makapu'u

O’ahu    East Shore Sight

Hi kids !

Welcome you to come to the Sea Life Park at Makapu'u, Hawaii.

How many kinds of animals there can you find and call them by name?

(Genesis 2:19)

And they all have been welcomed you kids as their friends for a long time.

Dear sir and me !

How many the names of species does your children know them?

We are living now into the afternoon of our life.

We know all of them or more and know what's going on all around the world today.

Dear me a curious infant who lives in my soul !

Hold on and Grow up with the Love,

and your love may around yet more and more with accurate knowledge and full discernment.

Dear a perfect balance of nature as a gift to us all !

Yes, we know very well where our souls belong.

(1st.Peter 2:2)

Solo exhibition at STERN SAPPORO (Mercedes-Benz Japan), Sapporo, Japan on October 2003.