Haiku Stair


2005 -  38 x 58.5 (inch)

Stairway to Heaven

O’ahu    East Shore Sight

We go back and change the location Kaua'i to O'ahu again for a little while.

We just take these stairs, we can get to heaven.

Here is the Haiku Stairs also called "Stairway to Heaven".

My son Kanta have told me "I want to take this stairs tomorrow" pointing

at the picture of a guide book in the day before our departure.

By the way, we didn't know we need to check on the status or register

our opinion as to whether it should be open the gate, actually, we could not get to heaven then.

R63, Likelike Hwy, drive for Kane'ohe and pass the H-3 and turn left to R83

and turn left to on mauka side (mountain side) of Haiku Rd., soon, you will see the "Kuneki" road.

The end of "Kuneki", here is the gate of the "Stairway to Heaven".

The stairs start at 520 feet elevation and top out at 2,740 feet, a gain of 2,220 feet using 3,922 stair.

The stairs are made from metal with two handrails now, but it was only wooden ladder in old days.

Wooden Ladders were originally strung up this ridge during WW?

to facilitate the creation of tower anchoring part of a ultra-powerful radio antenna stretching

across Haiku Valley , to have a transmitter so powerful that it could transmit

to submerged submarines in Tokyo Bay.

We've read it on the guide books, that we can see both sides of the island,

Kne'ohe bay, Moku-lua islands, Mt. Kualoa, Honolulu Airport and Pearl Harbor at the top.

The morning came again, the sunlight streamed into the top of the

ridges from the left behind of my son Kanta.

The sea birds fly away to the coasts of Waimanalo from the mountains in this area.

However, there is a no falls in this valley, sorry, it's my fiction.

Someday, We my son Kanta and I will go up to the top of this stair way.

No, We have already begun to climb this stair way to heaven? or paradise since when we were bone.

( Revelation 14:1 )

Solo exhibition “Awesome Testimony” at Saitoh Gallery Sapporo, Japan, June 2005.

Solo exhibition at the Prestige Gallery, Sapporo, Japan on May 2005.

Solo exhibition at the Prestige Gallery, Sapporo, Japan on May 2005.

Solo exhibition “Awesome Testimony” at Saitoh Gallery in Sapporo,, Japan, June 2005.