2003 -  38 x 38 (inch)

The Smile of the Beyond

O’ahu    North Shore Sight

Men, unfortunately, are given some kind of hardship for their own, small or big.

Have you ever spent any nights, without any sleep, crying all night?

Mornings, however, come down equally to each person.

When the great Sun rises in the east, immediately, adversely, the people are beginning to be filled with the endless tears of joy.


Lamentations 3:23 "They are new each morning. Your faithfulness is abundant. "

Here is an ANOTHER SMILE of the beyond.


Exhibition of work at “March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum”, Echo Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, March 2005.

The collection of  Mr. Tsuyama, Sapporo, Japan.

Solo exhibition at the Magic Spice, Sapporo, Japan, on September 2004.