Lualualei_VLF Transmitter

2004 -  56.5 x 38 (inch)

West of the Sun, East of the Moon at Lua Lua Lei

O’ahu    West Shore Sight

This image was dedicated to Sake Museum of Chitosetsuru.Sake Museum of Chitosetsuru where I stand my solo exhibition in Oct.30 to Nov.29, 2004.

This work is the theme of this favorite exhibition in my home town Sapporo."Daiginjoh" is meaning the most exclusive class of Japanese Sake.Here is not well known area in west coast of Oahu island of Hawaii,

called Lua Lua Lei.

The mountain of lava-dome has been eroded by wind and rain,

it formed a very tender figure.In the murmur of a stream,

there are two bottles of Daiginjoh Sake "Kissyou" and "Setsugen no mai" pruducted by Chitosetsuru.

There are two Hibiscus flowers on the glasses for Sake.Here is you with whom must be,

mutual understanding, no words and no explanation with a blessing of Sake.

The sun, the moon, the stream, all the things they are drove from left to right into the ocean over there.

There is a great power of the Creator who is taking charge perfectly of the universe.

We all family will be simply happy and have gratitude each other to feel this truth.

Solo exhibition at the Sake Museum, Sapporo, Japan, on November 2004.