Maniniholo Dry Cave

Lumahai River

Ha'ena Beach Park

2006 -  124 x 82.5 (inch)

When My Back's Against the Wall

Kaua’i    North Shore Sight

Passing Hanalei town to the north end of Kuhio Highway, here is Ha'ena Beach Park "Bali Hai".

First, we'll find very long wide glorious sand beach, shouldn't be missed, Lumaha'i beach, where Mitzi Gaynor's "Wash that man right out of my hair" on "South Pacific" was filmed at the eastern side of the beach.

As this lyric said, spending a time slowly in this area, however, it is very worrisome, we can wash away everything we are at work day chores,,,,, not taking this lyrics just as it is "a man or a woman".

Drive for west more half mile, before go over the wooden one-lane bridge across the Lumaha'i stream, here is west end of Lumaha'i beach called "Kolokolo point".

This is where the mouth of Lumaha'i stream of gifted living water flowing from within pristine valley and forests to the goal with last ordeal, rushes down toward big waves , one of most high-tide point in Kaua'i, from North pole with northern swell closing in upon.

The sandy mouth of the stream is closed by a barrier of sands beaten on the shore in sometime and bursted out by big waves in another time, depending on the conditions of mother-nature.

In this image, you are watching this scene from Manini-holo dry cave behind red hot Ha'ena beach, about 3 miles far for the west from here,,,, sorry, this is the art, talking of its, there are no palm trees on real Kolokolo point, west end of Lumaha'i.

Manini-holo was said to be the chief fisherman for Hawaiian elves Menehune. He dug the cave looking for supernatural beasts called akua (evil) who had been stealing their fish, but they didn't find da buggah.

In actuality, these are just a lava tube, the ocean used to be much higher and the cave was created by the prominence of magma in the water.

This dry cave is about 300 yards deep. The cave used to be larger than now, before a 1957 tsunami half-filled it with sand.

Can you imagine the view "behind you" on this image? 

Enter if you dare... please, please,,, bring a flashlight to see how quickly the feeble rays are swallowed up by the darkness that lurks just beyond your eyesight, Seemingly, there is also an idolatry stone which Menehune made, can't forget this view during you're living on.

If time is spent on an island like such a paradise in this tranquil ambience that carrying a spirit called "mana", washing everything right out of my hair, it seems so strange atmosphere (Ephesians 2:2) in this cave. Japan's life can always consider just like [ in this cave ] like the very severe and troubled life which an answer does not find. However, sometimes, the world of materialism may also look attractive. Lapsing into the trap of a desire is a certain thing anyone, since it is seen too much just, although it is the thing which originally should not be needed for itself.

It entraps itself as in a labyrinth that it is the thing with which it cannot find out an answer in fact, and cannot maintain an absolute sense of values, although it should know and is invited by immediate cheap food.

The appearance to which the question over the ability not to find out an answer throws and the sense of values of the trend of the times and the now betrayed immediately changes is equal to the circularity which cannot just find out the exit in this cave by which nothing is seen.

Moreover, when returning to Japan, the same thing is repeated or it is with ?

In this way, if I look back upon back repeatedly, I have repeated a big failure in many times.

When the loyalty love which never changes tended to look back upon back, tended to return in such a cave and I worried about it, you helped repeatedly.

It was the guideline Bible which you arrange.

You've always come to our rescue and calling to out side to heal our heartache, when my back's against the wall.

We can see clearly now we are standing in the place very near to the goal in reality.

Flee for your lives! Don't look back, and don't stop anywhere,,,,,.there is a light for our path like appearing on this image,,,,Just believing THAT.

Exhibition works with "From reportage to surrealism, the best photographs of the outgoing year" at the Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow, Russia, December 2008 to February 2009.

Solo Exhibition "BREATH OF HEAVEN" at Ikspiari, Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo, Japan on April to May 2007.

Solo exhibition at The Art Board Gallery, Downtown, Honolulu “First Friday”, Honolulu, HI, USA in 2007 to 2008.